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Certainty SmartBoost

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Try adding this to your next load of laundry!

Certainty SmartBoost is a water-based laundry additive that works with your favorite detergent to protect your clothing between washings. Developed by Strategic Partners Inc, it was created for healthcare professionals who machine-wash their scrubs and lab coats at home.

It's super simple to use! Just throw your clothes and detergent into the washing machine as you normally would. Then, add Certainty SmartBoost to the fabric softener port and let your machine do the work!

The active ingredient, BIOSAFE® antimicrobial fabric treatment by Gelest®, is non-bleaching, fragrance-free, and EPA-registered safe for use on all machine-washable fabrics, including infant clothing and fabrics that touch food. It's effective on bacteria, mold, mildew, and even algae, helping keep clothes looking and smelling fresh between launderings.

Notice the difference, try it for yourself! Stop by your nearest Sunshine Uniforms and ask our scrub specialists for more information. We have free samples while supplies last, so don't wait!

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