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Compression socks - helpful or not?

Sally Sunshine

Great Question!

We often stress to our customers how important it is to take care of their feet - especially the ones who work long shifts.

Sally Sunshine is here to answer them!

Why Compression Socks? What do they do?

You wear compression stockings to improve blood flow in your legs. Compression stockings gently squeeze your legs to move blood up your legs. This helps prevent leg swelling and, to a lesser extent, blood clots.

The benefits outweigh the cons:

  • Preventing blood clots, primarily after surgery or injury when you are less active

  • eliminate leg pain and fatique

  • prevent varicose veins from forming

  • promotes good circulation

What is mmHG and what level do I get?

There are 4 main compression levels which are measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg). The higher the numbers, the higher the compression.

You can choose from light, moderate, firm and extra firm compression level for these socks. If you just want comfort and prevent poor circulation or pooling, light to moderate compression is for you. However, if you are suffering from varicose veins or edema, firm and extra firm compression is advisable for your condition.

Based on what you'll be doing and what you need, you can use this chart below. We have a variety of styles in different pressures at both our locations!

Compression Pressure Guide


Once you have purchased your very own pair of compression socks, it is important to know how to wear these properly. This way, you can minimize pain and achieve a high level of comfort and support for your condition.



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