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Dankso Shoes now at Sunshine Uniforms!

Dansko Shoes now at Sunshine Medical Uniforms

Yes - that's right! We have them in stock at BOTH locations! This amazing collection of nursing shoes, nursing clogs and medical shoes are the perfect combination of comfort & support for both men and women in the healthcare industry.


Dansko Fit Guide

Are Dansko shoes slip resistant? Dansko slip resistant styles are sole tested using the MarkII Standard.

Can I use my custom orthotics? Some Dansko collections feature removable footbeds which can accommodate custom orthotics. For a list of collections with removable footbeds, visit the Women's Removable Footbed Shoes and Men's Removable Footbed Shoes pages. Due to the custom nature of orthotics, we recommend trying the shoes on with the orthotics to ensure a good fit.

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