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New Styles from Med Couture Activate!

The weather is finally starting to cool down, just in time for our new undershirts and jackets from Med Couture Activate. We have both styles available at our Downtown location!

Med Couture Undershirts

It can get pretty cold in the office, so these undershirts are perfect all year round. They are made of Med Couture's Performance Stretch Knit fabric, so they are move with you and provide lots of flexibility. Wear them under your scrubs for extra warmth and style, or rock them by themselves. They can worn on the clock or off hours.

[available in navy, black, white, and pink; only at our downtown location]

Med Couture Jackets

Need an extra layer? The Med Tech jackets work great in and out of the office. They are 100% polyester, complete with four pockets for ultimate storage. Unlike your average scrub jacket, these feature a water resistant outside and heat retaining fleece inside that is perfect for this rainy, cold season.

[available in navy, black, and pewter; only at our downtown location]


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