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Payroll Deduction Guide -- University Health Systems

Congratulations on your job at the University Health Systems! As a part of their uniform program, the company offers payroll deduction to help their employees get what they need in a cost-effective manner.

What is payroll deduction?

Payroll deduction allows the employee to purchase items under a layaway, and the cost will be slowly taken out of the following paychecks until it is paid back. Instead of having to pay everything at once, the employee can spend as little or as much as they'd like (up to $500), and the amount deducted from the paychecks per pay period will be determined based on the total cost. Payroll deduction occurs January, April, July, and October 1st - 14th.

What can I buy through payroll deduction?

Anything you'd like! How you use your payroll form is totally up to you.

What do I need to bring to use payroll deduction?

  • Your signed payroll deduction form*

  • Your UHS employee ID

  • A valid government issued ID

*Your form must be signed by your supervisor and properly dated in order to use the form.


  • Bring all the necessary forms and IDs

  • Buy everything you want! Get something for yourself, your friends, your loved ones -- the possibilities are endless.

  • Have fun!


  • Wait until the last minute. Once the timeframe is over, unfortunately, we cannot use the forms anymore!

  • Forget to review the checklist. Only UHS supervisors have the forms, so we don't have any extras.

  • Leave empty-handed.

That's it!

It really is that easy. Stop by your local Sunshine Uniforms to use the form, and enjoy your new uniforms.

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