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Introducing: TRAQ by Alegria

Alegria's latest breakthrough in comfort shoes: TRAQ -- the very first smart shoe! Same comfortable Alegria sole reinvented into a new walking shoe. It includes a built-in Bluetooth pedometer that will allow you to take control of your fitness goals.

You'll never have to worry about losing it because it'll always be in your shoe. And it is always ready to go when you are! Just put on your Alegria TRAQ's in the morning, and the smart pedometer tracks all your activity through the convenient TRAQ app.

Using the app is also easy. Available for Apple and Android -- you just download to your smartphone, connect, and go! The TRAQ shoes and app take care of the rest.

You can even connect with friends, family, or coworkers who also have the TRAQ shoes and app. The TRAQ Community allows you to challenge yourself and others to walk father and stronger. Build positive relationships with others, and work hard towards your own fitness goals.

Furthermore, you might as well look stylish and feel comfortable doing it. Both of our locations carry three different colors -- Wild Child Blues, Wild Child Black, and Wild Flower. We also offer a black, laceless version for the quick, on-the-go person.

Each TRAQ shoe features the trademark Alegria footbed, constructed of cork, polyurethane and memory foam that conforms to the curves of your foot. Each one provides superior arch support and all-day comfort to help relieve stress in your feet, legs, hips and back. A slip-resistant outsole also helps protect your footing in all kinds of weather. Five gorgeous models will be available, each with a color, print and style to fit your mood and activity.

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