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Hospital Feature with UT Health

UT Health San Antonio is a respected and internationally recognized biomedical research university promoting the discovery, development and dissemination of biomedical solutions. Research conducted at UT Health San Antonio ranges from cancer therapy, longevity and aging studies, and pregnancy and newborn conditions to community-based health promotion in women and children, integration of medicine and science, and psychiatric genetic research. UT Health San Antonio contains one of the elite cancer centers in the country, the Mays Cancer Center, designated as a National Cancer Institute Cancer Center.

UT Health San Antonio has a passion, a thirst and a yearning: A passion to change everything, a thirst for knowledge and a yearning to discover. UT Health works together to provide answers where there are none. From fighting cancer, working to cure diabetes, or training the brightest minds in medicine, UT Health San Antonio is working to provide hope to all those in need, to lead the way in care and disease prevention, and to discover a better world. UT Health operates as a teaching hospital, otherwise known as an academic medical center. There are many benefits to receiving care from a premier teaching hospital. At University Hospital, the highly trained medical staff shares their research results and expertise regionally, nationally and across the world. University believes in a patient and family-centered team approach. As a result, patients are treated by a team of physicians, nurses, technologists, and other professional to develop an individualized plan of care.

We thank UT Health for all their commitment to the community. Every year, they have a uniform drive, and we are grateful to be the official vendor for their program. In addition to that service, every time an employee shows their badge at check out, we offer a discount!

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